Hannah: New Semester, New Experiences

Hey Everyone! I’m Hannah, one of the new CAs, and being new basically sums up the past month for me. As you all have probably heard, the first semester of college can be a bit overwhelming for freshman including myself. After spending those first couple months hibernating with my studies, I am finally ready to branch out. As you will quickly learn, I basically want to do everything. Here are a few of the new extracurricular activities I have picked up in the New Year.

Greek Life- It’s official, a very German girl can be Greek! Coming from a big family (3 sisters, a brother, and 2 very rowdy dogs) I need to have people around. At first I was hesitant and a bit intimidated by the formal recruitment process. In reality, it has been one of the best decisions I have made. No matter the sorority, I feel so welcomed by all the girls. Even in my first weeks, I already feel right at home.

Boston Cares- Boston University has a wealth of opportunities on campus, but the city of Boston also has some pretty amazing extracurricular activities for students to get involved in. Thanks to my writing professor, I found Boston Cares, a volunteer network that sets up a calendar of events that you can sign up for based on your own personal schedule. It’s super convenient and an amazing way to get out into the city. My favorite event thus far has been volunteering at JVS where I help prepare refugees for job interviews and entering the American work force. I highly recommend looking into the organization.

Finally, I’m new to the COM Ambassador community, and I couldn’t be happier! I love meeting prospective students and who doesn’t love showing off how awesome COM is? With all these new opportunities as well as a few great classes (even if one is at 8am) I feel like this year is off to a great start! So there you have it, being the new kid on the block isn’t so bad after all. Hope everyone is off to a great new year and embracing all of the amazing new opportunities this time can offer!


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