Kate: How to Keep Warm and Stay Fashionable

I will admit, impracticality is my specialty when it comes to dressing for the weather, especially when it comes to shoes. Who says you can’t wear loafers sans socks when it’s 10 degrees out (see this Instagram)?  But, I must admit that there are some essentials that I refuse to leave the house without between October and March, and I encourage you to put a little time into finding the perfect combination for yourself.

First, you need the biggest, badest winter coat you’ve ever seen.  And it should have a hood (a fur hood for you ladies).  And it should go down to at least your knees.  You think I’m over exaggerating? A story: Where I am from (Missouri), summer temps peak around 100 degrees and my mother was getting so anxious about sending me to the far away land of college that she decided we were going to go out and buy me a winter coat in August.  As you can imagine, my selection was quite limited and I ended up with a basic Michelin man North Face puffer.  I should also note that it barely covered my top half and had no hood.  Fast forward to the first snow of the year in Boston and I run outside only to find the wind blowing up my back and the snow flying straight into my eyes.  Needless to say, I know now have a lovely fur lined hooded long down coat that even features a cute little waist tie (because it still needs to be fashionable, duh).  Right now I’m liking these:

Second, invest in a cozy and warm scarf.  I am a scarf wearer through and through.  Silk scarves, knitted scarves, pashminas, circle scarves, you name it, I’ll wear it.  My go-to in the winter is a huge, black knitted circle scarf I bought at Gap my freshman year.  It is one of those that comes up over your face a little and is so snuggly (I know you know what I mean). And to the embarrassment of my friends, I have even put it up over my head to shield my ears from the wind a few times.  Whether you’re wearing it for the fashion or just to keep warm, a good scarf will be the difference between staying warm and turning into an icicle.  This one from Nordstrom looks like a great option.

Finally, find yourself a great pair of gloves.  The wind in this city is killer and even with your Starbucks latte in hand, bouts of frost bite have been known to occur.  I just got this great cashmere, monogrammed pair for Christmas and I never take them off.  Even better is they have the little smart-touch tips so I can text and tweet away at any time.  Insider tip: keep them in your coat pockets so you never find yourself without them.

P.S. Now I just gave you a reason to shop.  You can thank me later.


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