Morgan: Top 5 Things to Do In Boston As It Gets Warm

1) Shopping on Newbury

Online shopping has become my go-to this winter. The idea of trekking down Newbury street with bags in hand while the crisp New England air slaps you in the face is not at all appealing to me. But as the weather starts to warm up (and I call 40’s warm…), spending a day ducking in and out the boutiques on Newbury sounds like a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

2) Take a Duck Tour

I was a little hesitant about this at first, but in a spur of the moment decision I decided to take one on an unusually warm afternoon this past October. I am by no means new to the city of Boston, but I learned more on this tour than I ever would have just walking around on my own! Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the work and just to sit back and soak in the wonderful city that we call home. And you get to drive the boat when it goes in the Charles!

3) Take a tour of Fenway

Although it’s still too early for baseball season, if you haven’t been over to Fenway Park yet, you should probably add it to your to-do list. Fenway is one of the most historic ballparks in the nation, and we live within walking distance. I was lucky enough to catch a game at the end of last season, and I was instantly obsessed with the park. It’s got a certain nostalgic charm to it that even non-sports fans will appreciate.

4) Get down to the Esplanade!

Whether you’re a runner, a biker, or a casual stroller, there’s nothing better than getting out of all the traffic of the city streets and spending some time in the sun. When its really nice, I love going down to the docks and watching the sailing team while reading or doing homework.

5) Go Whale watching!

Okay, so maybe this is just a personal goal of mine – but I cannot wait to go whale watching when the season starts at the end of March. It’s a 3 hour trip with the New England Aquarium, and whale sightings are guaranteed or your money back! It’s a little on the pricy side, but come on, how often do you get to see giant humpback whales up close and personal?


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