Kevin: Movie Locations Around Boston

Now that the weather is getting nice, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore Boston. So why not go get some pictures taken at famous movie locations around Boston and make your friends jealous?

1) Good Will Hunting

There are plenty of places around Boston you could visit for this one, but the best place to snap a picture has to be the bench where Robin Williams and Matt Damon sat while Robin Williams earned his Oscar. You might’ve seen this movie, but I’ll bet you can’t tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel.

2) 21

Maybe this movie wasn’t as iconic as other Boston movies, but you won’t have to go far to find some famous spots. A lot of this movie was actually filmed on BU campus, so you could head over to the basement of Mugar library, where Jim Sturgess studied, or the BU castle, where the alumni event scene was filmed, or even over to Towers, where his dorm was. The majority of the interior scenes were actually filmed at BU, not MIT, so there are plenty of places to spot in this one!

3) Cheers

So the bar technically wasn’t IN the TV show, but it did inspire it, so that has to count, right? At 84 Beacon Street, right off the common, you’ll find the bar the famous sitcom was named after (don’t get fooled by the one at Faneuil Hall, that one was made later).

4) Modern Family

In the episode where Haley is being moved into college, the exterior shot of her dorm is actually BU’s Towers. Wonder if she ran into Jim Sturgess at all?

5) The Town

Another one from Ben Affleck, The Town, is filled with Boston locations. If you head over to 111 Dorchester Street in south Boston you can get a picture at Thornton’s Flowers, the nefarious flower shop.


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