Anneliese: Super Songs for Spring

Spring is here! Well, that’s what March 20th claimed, anyway. However, the snow that’s currently on the ground (and the snow that is supposed to plague us for the rest of the month…) isn’t doing much to evoke those cheerful feelings associated with this lovely season. It may be a while until we see those flowers bloom, can whip out the sandals, or make use of the new Jamba Juice at the bottom of Warren, so I thought I might offer a music playlist that will add a little spring (see what I did there?) in your step!

1. “Sweet Road” – Animal Collective

2. “Surprise Hotel” – Fool’s Gold

3. “Jogging Gorgeous Summer” – Islands

4. “When U Love Somebody” – Fruit Bats

5. “This Is What I Said” – Cloud Control

6. “Ten-Twenty-Ten” – Generationals

7. “Come On” – I’m From Barcelona

8. “Fireworks” – Polock

9. “Cameras” – Matt & Kim

10. “Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain” – Turbo Fruits

11. “Australia” – The Shins

12. “A Hiccup in Your Happiness” – The Lucksmiths

*All of the songs are available for streaming on the free version of Spotify—I recommend creating a playlist and giving it a listen whenever your spirits need a little lift!


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