Jason: Docs, Andy Cohen, and More!

Wow this past month has been crazy! Just to give you guys a quick update on some things I’ve been doing lately…

Still working on the documentary! You might be thinking, “well of course you are. There’s no way it could be done already.” But I meant that in the sense that the whole project hasn’t blown up in my face yet. In fact it’s actually going really well! The facebook page and website are up and running so check it out!


I’m really excited to tell you guys about what’s going on later today. This afternoon in my producing class, two classmates and I will be pitching a new competition reality show to Andy Cohen from Bravo! You know, Top Chef, Rachel Zoe? Yeah, that Bravo. We’ve been working real hard the last couple weeks so it’s pretty nerve wrecking–it’s all come down to this. But let me just say, creating everything for this show (finding contestants, a host, judges, locations) was a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. But hey, if Andy likes our pitch and wants to put us on the air it’ll all be worth it. I can’t tell you what our idea is yet in case you might steal it so I’ll have to tell you about how it goes in the next post!

I’m producing our Production 2 film so I’ve started to look for actors, break down the script, and think about other cool pre production things. More to come on that later though…

And internships! Still waiting to hear back but I should be in Boston for my third summer in a row!

Congrats to anyone who’s reading this and was recently admitted in to the College of Communication! We’re really excited to have you  and look forward to meeting you.

I hope you all enjoyed this months installment of my blog. If there’s anything else you guys would like to hear about let me know!


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