Richie: Approaching Graduation

As a senior, the reality of graduation being just around the corner has definitely began to hit me. I know many of you may still be in you sophomore or junior years, or even better, freshman year. But, graduation is something we’re all going to have to face at one point. The fears and the excitement that come from it are very much a reality.

A few weeks ago I started to experience a mini-crisis about post-graduation life. Where would I live? Would I have to return back home, would I even be able to afford going anywhere else? Where would I work? Would I hate my job? Would I even get a job? Should I try staying in school longer to avoid any of these real questions?

After about a week of this, I somehow came to a point where everything felt good. I’ve started to become extremely excited about my graduation. I started to think that although I may not be completely positive about everything that’ll happen once I’m done at BU, I’m excited for it.

I guess we have to see it as not the end of something, but the beginning of something else. I remember in high school hearing from people the tired and cliche line “these are the best years of your life.” I didn’t know why but I used to hate hearing that so much. It was so fatalistic to me. So absolutely tragic. Like we were all doomed to a hopeless life the minute we left high school. Seemed like a self-fulfilling prophecy if I had ever one (props to COM 101 for that term). But I got to college, and had an incredible time. Made amazing friends, challenged myself in filmmaking, and took classes completely out of my comfort level. I learned about things like sailing, acting, and was able to sharpen my directing skills.  I traveled to Europe for the first time and got to intern at the world’s largest film festival.

High school was incredible, but it wasn’t the best years of my life. And I’ve come to realize college won’t be either. Make every year you live the best year of your life. There’s no reason to look ahead with fear thinking, “I’ve already experienced the best, so there’s nothing else to do now.” Reinvent the way you look at life everyday. Challenge yourself and bask in the glory of falling down or failing at something. I realized, I’m not exactly sure what the future holds for me, but something about that excites me. Because it can be absolutely anything. And whatever it is, it excites me to frustrated at times, but it will be my job that I earned by myself, and my job that I use to learn more from. It’ll be my loans I pay off every month and nobody else’s. Something about that excites me. I feel almost grateful to have these as all mine. It’ll be just another experience for me to learn from, for me to become myself again.

Don’t we all have to be a little lost so that we can find ourselves? Weren’t we all a little lost when we got into college? Wasn’t it exciting to settle into that life, find your routine and rhythm, and then sometimes shake it up a bit? Besides, I’m graduating from a great university, learned an enormous amount about film since I first came here, and have taken some amazing internship experiences from the whole process. Wherever I end up can’t be that bad.

Wherever you guys are in you education, enjoy every moment of it. I know I’ve been guilty of living a certain year and thinking, “man last year was so much better.” We all seem to look back and think of how good we had it, but if we took the time to realize how good we have it right now, then we would never have to look back in the first place. Maybe all the points I’m making are clearly understood by most of us already. But I guess we all need to have it reiterated from time to time. We’ve all got to be told every once in a while, “It’s alright.” I’ve finally come to a good place in viewing my graduation, and look back at my time here extremely fondly. I hope when you all reach this point, you can all feel the same, and be excited on what comes next.


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