Morgan: Why You Should Join DMCBU

So as you might be readily aware, the clubs offered through COM are plentiful. It can be hard to figure out which organization will offer you the type of experience you’re looking for, whatever that may be. Once you finally pick one or two or five, you get so wrapped up in said club(s) that you might not realize all of the cool new ones that are popping up around you. The coolest of these cool new ones is most certainly the Digital Media Club.

DMCBU is a highly talented group of innovators, thinkers and “do-ers”. They specialize in everything for digital media production, social media, interactive media, coding, and design. Members have a variety of skills and expertise – and are not only COM majors. Computer science and graphic design majors, along with advertising majors, have joined forces to produce a collaborative network of members that can teach and learn from each other.

They offer events, workshops, panels, and two collaborative divisions that focus interests into hand-on projects. The first division, Terrier Labs, focuses on web design, web development, mobile app development, and creative ways to integrate technology with everyday activities. The second division, The Terribyte, is an e-publication that focuses on digital content creation such as blogs, social media, graphic design, and web video production, as well as content marketing strategies, and personal branding. Both groups provide students with real-world experience to better prepare them for careers in the digital communication and technology industries.

In only their first year of existence, they have held events with Mullen, Google, DailyBreak, and Hill Holiday. They’ve also developed numerous apps including BU Room Swap and UPlannr.

As DMCBU works on expanding its reach and its capabilities, it needs YOU. It’s never too late to join – meetings are held in COM room 215 every Thursday @ 5pm. Hope to see you there!


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