Abby: Why Hello There, Spring!

Finally the weather is nice and I don’t have to wear so many layers outside.  There are no more piles of snow lingering under shaded tress or piled in the corner of parking lots.  I just love seeing so many people laying on the COM lawn or playing Frisbee on the BU Beach.  This is the first actual spring I have ever experienced.  Growing up in Florida it was summer pretty much all year round with an occasional week or two in February when the weather wasn’t as humid as usual (but still hot) and all of the pollen fell from the trees.  I never got the purpose of spring, but now after almost 6 months of temperatures below 30 in Boston, I GET IT! You wake up every morning and the sun is actually shinning (okay so this has to do more with day light savings then the season, but still.)  The walk from West to East campus doesn’t seem as long because blooming flowers and not your fingers freezing distract you.  This weather is making me miss home a little bit so I decided to try to spend more time outside.  At first this proved difficult because I either couldn’t find enough time or I would finally sit down and it would promptly start raining.  So I have some tips to making the most of your outside time in Boston.

  1. Check the weather. Seriously. And not just the night before but in the morning too.  Everyone gave me this tip when I first moved here and I did not take them seriously, but now I know that wasn’t just a ploy to make me download The Weather Channel app.
  2. Bring a blanket.  Nothing is worse then finding the perfect patch of sun peeking through the trees to find out it is also the perfect patch of mud.
  3. Grab something to drink.  I swear the Starbucks on campus have multiplied and now we have a new Jamba Juice as well.  Also, there are bottle-filling stations all over the GSU and in Marciano Commons.
  4. Keep track of time.  Laying outside is nice and relaxing but you don’t want to get so relaxed you forget about your next class or you fall asleep and wake up with a sunburn.


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