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Follow me…two words that would make me cringe at first sight on non-related communication accounts. I must admit that I should now be classified as a hypocrite due to my recent bandwagon membership. I am now like the flock of people that dare to compose posts soliciting this “following” fellowship but for good reason: it gravely helps me in the field.

This semester I enrolled in a journalism class that required constant communication with individuals within a particular Boston neighborhood.  At times emailing people can be tricky. I found personally seeking a “Friend Request” to work more in my favor when calling and emailing fails. Using social media is a great tool for finding the story and charting trends.

Twitter posts, in particular, can also be a great way of stalking (properly known as tracking) celebrities.

“We are best friends at this point,” said Jonathan Reyes, who recently ventured to see Anderson Cooper multiple times.

“In Copley Sq. pretty sure Anderson Cooper is across the St., what do I do? Give him my boloco, do I get down on one knee? JUST LOVE ME ANDY”  – tweeted one student.

The recent Patriot’s Day tragedy made it ever more apparent how important social media can be for communicating to family, calling attention to your thoughts, and getting a direct update on the situation. I must admit this advantage heavily influenced me to use social media more often.

Words of advice: Please beware that posts can be deceiving. Double check everything! Be careful of what you post but have fun along the way.  Use social media to network.  I have finally caved in and given more care. COM sponsors tons social media based events, in fact, Professor Stephen Quigley teaches an incredible course about new media and public relations that you should all enroll in at some point!

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