Kevin: When in Doubt, Talk it Out

If it’s anything worth saying, don’t say it over text. Obviously email and texting is great and helps us all stay in touch, but can also be very unclear.

This summer I’m doing an internship with Crisis Response Journal, a magazine based out of the UK that deals with disasters and emergencies around the world. Last week I went down to NYC to meet with the editor, Emily Hough, who was incredibly helpful and nice. Until then we had only talked over Skype and email, and getting to meet her in person was great. We were able to cover things in just a few minutes that would’ve taken dozens of emails to talk about, really making me a firm believer that if something is important, talking it out in person is more than worthwhile. Over email, sending lots of questions can get overwhelming, but being able to ask her about little things in person and bring up specific things on the computer I had questions about made me feel much more confident that we were on the same page.

That being said, sometimes email is unavoidable, so another lesson I’ve learned is to take time writing your emails! Read through it a few times and try to make it as clear and concise as possible, so that you don’t have to waste the next few emails clarifying!

Can’t wait to meet COM 2017 in the fall, hope you guys have an awesome summer! Enjoy orientation!


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