Kate: Getting Your Hands Dirty

Hi y’all! I hope you all are excited to be in Boston and your first week went well.  Since meeting my freshmen over the last couple weeks, I’ve had a bunch of questions about how to get practical experience in your first year.  As valuable as COM 101 and 201 are, I can understand wanting to get your hands on something in major sooner than later.  So here are my three suggestions for getting involved right off the bat:

Get involved in hands-on activity. Whether its BUTV10, WTBU Radio, or The Daily Free Press, COM offers so many groups where you can actually get your feet wet.  At the first BUTV meeting (September 11 from 7-9pm in COM101 ) you’ll get to hear from each Executive Producer about the different shows, time commitments, and shoots.  For WTBU Radio, you can intern for a semester before starting your own show.  All of these groups will teach how to use the equipment and give you invaluable experience.

Join a professional organization. I’ve been a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America since freshmen year and its been one of the most rewarding groups I’ve been involved with.  They bring in fantastic speakers every week, take the group on agency tours, and put on a professional conference every February.  For journalism students, there is the Society of Professional Journalists and Ed2010.  Not only are they great for your resume, they also teach you things you probably won’t learn elsewhere.

Network, network, network. In all communication industries, networking is incredibly important and it is never too early to start.  In COM 101, Professor Vigil brings in great speakers and panelists.  Introduce yourself to them and get their business card.  Attend networking events and keep in touch with people you think could be important to you in the future.  And lastly, network with your professors.  I’ve never met a professor who wouldn’t go out of their way to help you at any time and is happy to get to know you.

If you didn’t make it to the Ice Cream Social or Splash this past week, check on the Facebook/Twitter and websites of the groups you’re interested in getting involved with for information about their first meetings.  Good luck with week two and be in touch with your COM Ambassador with any questions!

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