Taylor: When the Tests Come Marching In…

The seasonal change from summer to fall sets off a one-word alarm for me…MIDTERMS.  No need for panic, there are tons of things to do on campus that will help you release tension and anxiety. The first test of the semester is nerve wrecking for all. BUT …there are the things that you can do in advance to prepare:

–       Go to Office Hours- It’s mandatory for professors and faculty to section hours of office time just to answer course inquires. Use this time to your advantage!

–       Begin to review early material- It never hurts to start reviewing early. No worries, all the cool kiddies use flashcards.

–       Breathe- Don’t let fear become overwhelming. Pace yourself.

–       Find a Study Buddy- There is no better way to review class material than with someone else.

–       Remember your resources- The ERC has a ton of mock exam sessions. Bu.edu/today has a great list of events to aid to test prep!

Get a good nights rest before your exams!  In the words of Kid President, ‘Keep being Awesome.’




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