Jason: Halloween Season in Boston

It’s nearly halfway to Halloween!

If you guys didn’t know I’m pretty into the holiday and like to think of myself as an amateur expert. I’m gonna take a break from the usual stories about my work and classes here at BU to tell you about all the things you can do in and around Boston for Halloween.

The most popular destination for everyone around here is, of course, Salem, MA. As you probably know, Salem was founded nearly 400 years ago and has a rich history related to Halloween. Between the ghost tours, the tour of The House of the Seven Gables, and just people (or witch) watching as you stroll down the cobblestone street, there’s plenty to do.

Check out http://www.hauntedhappenings.org/do for more info!

For something a little more local, the Frog Pond is going to be hosting the first pumpkin Luminary event! The City of Boston is inviting everyone, young and old, to bring a carved pumpkin for the festival. They’ll be lighting all of the pumpkins and floating them on the spray pool. I’ll be there to participate and might even get to carve one of the larger pumpkins that they’ll be displaying at the event!

And last but not least, trick or treating! Yes, believe it or not you can still trick or treat in college! There are plenty of suburban neighborhoods just off of Comm Ave where you can fill all of your candy cravings. And if you’re here you can even stop by our house! Jimmy and I decorated my house over the weekend and it’s looking pretty good so far.

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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