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As many of you may have seen, COM has been hosting the #myCOM campaign throughout the year where students can post different aspects of their personal COM experience.  Last Friday, we celebrated COM in a Day with small contests and raffles throughout the day for those who participated.  While I sent a couple tweets here and there, I thought I would share what a day in my COM life is all about.

9:30 – Mass Communication Research class with Professor Danehy.  This is one of the required courses for Mass Communication students and to be honest, I was not thrilled about it.  But it has turned out to be one of the most useful classes I’ve taken in college.  Professor Danehy teaches us as those who will consume research, not conduct it which makes it much more manageable.

11:00 – Work in Student Services.  I’ve had a work-study job in the COM Advising office since freshman year.  While it has been really helpful for myself to know all of the policies of COM and BU, I also really enjoy getting to work with the advisors and COM students day-to-day.  And I think my friends appreciate the mini-advising appointments I can give them in our apartment.

1:00 – COM Tour for prospective families.  If I could get paid to give tours of COM everyday, I wouldn’t think twice.  I LOVE meeting interested students and their parents and sharing my experiences with them.  In addition to being a COM Ambassador, I am also one of the coordinators of the program and get to work with the 19 other students who share are equally enthusiastic about COM as I am.

3:00 – COMlife meeting.  Once a week, the six cast members and two producers of COMlife get together to talk about what we are all working on, what we are filming, and what we all want to accomplish in the next episode.  It’s a great time to all catch up on each other’s lives and see what everyone is working on.  It also just reminds me who amazing the people around me are and definitely drives me to do as much as I can.

5:00 – PRSSA meeting. Joining the BU chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America was one of the best decisions I made at school.  They bring in fantastic speakers and is a great resource for internships/interviews/PR, especially for students who are just getting started.

Evening – Homework & Group Meetings.  By the time you leave COM, you will be a pro at group projects.  I’ve worked in teams of everything from two to 10 and you really get used to balancing work with others and accomplishing things together.  Because I usually have class, work, or my internship from 9-5 during the day, the evenings are when homework happens.

I would love to hear about a day in your COM life – tweet me @KateScott10 and don’t forget #myCOM!

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