Hannah C: Wicked Proud To Be A Terrier

I’ll just go ahead and let you know—being a student in Boston is wicked pissah. (Translation: really awesome.) Any Bostonian will tell you that, and I surely won’t be the last. If you’re exploring the COM website as I did a year ago, looking for more insight into BU, there’s a few things you should know about what sets BU apart from the rest. First and foremost, BU is located in the heart of the city known not only for its latest World Series win, but also for its reputation as a hub for higher education.

Earning a degree in Bean Town means being in the company of more than two hundred fifty thousand other students.  That’s something only Boston students can say about the city we call our second home. Boston is so widely populated with college students that it has been aptly dubbed America’s College Town.

Living and learning in a college town makes it possible to meet people from a variety of backgrounds. As a freshman new to college and to the city of Boston, I feel so lucky to spend time discovering what makes the city so unique while also finding common interests with students from all over the country and the world.

So far, during my first year, I’ve learned the meanings of New England phrases such as “wicked pissah” and the correct pronunciation of “clam chowder.” (It’s chow-dah). I’ve had the chance to get to know Boston and its residents when I interviewed them for articles for The Daily Free Press, BU’s student independent newspaper.

And at BU, I’ve met people from as close as my own hometown in New Jersey to as far as China, where my roommate calls home. My experiences meeting people at BU and throughout Boston have allowed me meaningful conversations with people I’d never had the opportunity to know otherwise.

Although I’m only one eighth of the way through college, I’ve had countless new encounters with people throughout the city, at BU, and from a dozen neighboring schools. And after countless introductions, I can sincerely attest to the unique pride that comes with the privilege of saying, “I go to Boston University.”

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