Tom: The College Experience from Little to Big

Four years flies by in the blink of an eye. I feel like it was yesterday that I said goodbye to my parents, settled into Warren Towers 1102C and embarked on the adventure that would be my four years at Boston University. Now I’m a second semester senior, looking at job possibilities and the future, and thinking to myself, “How did four years fly that fast?”


Well… It flew by with 12 musicals, 2 plays, 3 Open Houses, 1 Mr. and Ms. BU Pageant, countless tours of the College of Communication, and dozens of great friends. So I can’t say nothing happened in my time here. But I have spent my last semester of BU reflecting on the time I spent and the time I have left.


My favorite aspect of being a senior at BU is watching students just a few years younger than you, grow up and come into their own at Boston University. When you become a junior, a whole slew of new freshmen come at you that you literally get to watch grow up until they become upperclassmen themselves.


In “On Broadway,” the musical theater group I undeniably devote most of my time to, we have an informal “Big” and “Little” system, which is where we informally take underclassmen under our wing, who we feel are most like ourselves. I have taken so much enjoyment in watching all of these “littles” grow and get ready to take over our place in the group long after we’re gone. Being an upperclassman in college makes you half-father/half-sidekick/half-best friend with many amazing underclassmen and it has definitely been a highlight of my BU experience.


To any incoming students, I encourage you to look up to upperclassmen and learn all you can from them. This knowledge you will then use to pass on to the next batch of “littles” who will make your BU experience all the more worthwhile.

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