Stacy: Want to Take Summer Classes?

Hey COM! So, I for one want to take classes this summer, but I also want to go back to my home in sunny Florida. Well guess what, this is possible! With transfer credits, you can accomplish some general education classes in your COM freshman / sophomore requirement.


I recently met with a COM academic advisor, so I’ll share what information was helpful for me in figuring out my summer, and hopefully it’ll help you too!


So a few facts about taking classes at another college during the summer:

  1. They don’t count towards your BU GPA. What this means is that as long as you get at least a C in the course, you’ve checked off a requirement. So I would advise taking a class in one of your weaker subjects, just in case. You don’t want to weaken your BU GPA!
  2. Say you want to take a history class, for example. You’ll need to get a transfer credit form from COM Student Services, along with a syllabus for the class you want to take, and take it to the Department of History so they can verify the class is a valid equivalent to a class at BU. Do this step before enrolling in the course at the other college. You want to make sure the credit will count!
  3. Once this form is approved, take it back to COM and they’ll put the form in your personal file.
  4. Once summer is over and you complete the course, send a transcript of your final grade to COM and you’ll be all set!


Summer classes are a great way to complete requirement classes. This way you’ll have more time to take classes specific to your major! Hope this has been helpful towards your summer planning. After all, summer is only one month away!

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