Aidan: Open House Reflection

The temperature hit 70 yesterday, and COM had its first Open House for accepted students this past Saturday. All in all, a pretty stellar week. As a COM Ambassador, I sat in on many of the info sessions and talkbacks during the Open House, and got to meet a lot of excited perspective students. Perhaps I had forgotten, but I found myself reminded of all the factors that make COM an exciting and rewarding place to learn and work. I think every COM student, old and new, can be reinvigorated by some of the advice of Open House

1.     Everyone here is here to tell a story.

Whether it be through an Ad Campaign, or a short film, COM students are here because they have something they want to say to the world. We come from all walks of life, all different parts of the world, and have unique experiences that we can share with others. COM students see the value in life events, and wish to convey messages to each other to help mankind in some manner. I think that makes us the most interesting students on campus

2.     People who COM really love the field of Communication.

Pursuing any career in Communication takes guts. Some people accuse COM students of “taking the easy way out” for not majoring in some hard science or statistics. But that simply isn’t true. We all come to our respective majors because we know its what we love to do, and it is what will personally fulfill us in the end. Every COM student knows at times it will be hard, but we are ready for that. That makes us strong.

3.     You get out what you put in

Attending Open House, it is clear that opportunity is the easiest and most rewarding thing to come across in COM. BUTV10, PRSSA, WTBU, every chance to refine a certain skill is readily available in COM. Just like in the job market all COM students will go into, we are taught right off the bat that, if you put yourself forward and do the work you want to be doing, you will get better and you will find more chances to advance. All the tools are there; it is just a question of how much you are willing to give to get what you want.


BU, we have an exciting new class of Freshman coming our way. If we can remember the excitement for COM that we had back then, and use that to continue our drive, this school and its products will only grow in quality.

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