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Open House is one of the most exciting days of the year for us CAs, but also all of our newly accepted students. It’s a chance for you all to find out the necessary answers to the questions that will help you decide where or whether BU is the best fit for you. Each year there are a few of the same questions that everyone seems to have – so here’s some quick answers for those of you who can’t make an Open House or didn’t have a chance to get these questions answered for you while you were on campus.

Q: Where do most people live on campus?

A: The vast majority of freshmen live in one of our dorms – primarily Warren Towers or Claflin, Rich or Sleeper in West. The short version: West has more of a campus feel, but its about a 15 minute walk from COM. Warren is the center of campus right next to COM, but also a 15 minutes walk from the athletic fields and fitrec.

Q: Is the winter actually that bad?

A: Yes, as you all probably know we had a bad winter. It was cold. It was ugly. We had a whole bunch of fabulous snow days. I’m not new to snow, but I was definitely new to BOSnow this year, because this was my first bad winter in Boston. If only one out of my three years in Boston is a real winter then I think I’ll be just fine and so will you. Just make sure you grab a good winter coat and some snow boots. Worst comes to worst – you have a good excuse to stay in bed all day and drink hot chocolate.

Q: What COM classes am I taking as a freshman?

A: COM101 and COM201. COM101 is a large lecture with your whole freshmen class. It covers the communication field and introduces you to some distinguished panels of communication professionals so you’re learning the basics from the pros. COM201 is writing for communication in small classes of about 12 students. You’ll write press releases, a screenplay, a journalism profile and some snappy copy too.

Q: Do I have to go orientation?

A: Yes! At orientation you will dive into all the fun that is Boston University. We have a great group of Student Advisors that will help you get your feet wet while planning your schedule, making new friends and spending time in one of our dorms at BU. That being said – there’s a bunch of different orientation dates that are flexible with your own schedule so sign up for the date that works for you today!

Q: Where can I find COM and the COM Ambassadors on social media?

A:         Twitter:          @COM_Ambassadors


Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/BUcomugrad

Instagram:      @comugrad

Snapchat:       comsnaps

P.S. If I didn’t answer one of your FAQs from Open House – shoot me an email at hannaheh@bu.edu and I’ll be sure to get an answer for you.

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