Hannah C: Season Three

Aaand we’re back. Starting off yet another fall semester has never been better. Third time is the charm, right? Here’s hoping!

The only thing cuter than my fresh new set of stationery is the fact that back-to-school always seems like the return of a long-running but beloved television show. At the start of the new season, everyone comes back a little older, with new stories to tell and new haircuts to flaunt.  There are always a few new cast members added to the crew, and storylines are bound to change. Freshman and sophomore year strung me along many different lines, and I’m excited for what path junior year has in store.

If college’s cyclical structure is like each season of a show, then junior year is the one with all the enticing promos and a count down til the end of the hiatus. I had the most unforgettable summer (blog post to come), but at its end, I found myself more than ready for the academic year ahead.

It’s finally time for internships, taking classes in my major and knowing my way around enough not to get lost on the first day of class. And studying abroad! Spoiler alert: I won’t be in Boston next semester. But for now, I think junior year is a time to be influential in the communities I’ve joined. By the time I graduate, I want to have made positive changes on campus; I didn’t come to college just to make a cameo.

We have a successful premiere behind us, and we’re in for a good season. Stay tuned.

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