Zach: Best of BU Burgers

Hello friends! The rankings are back! Today I’ll be ranking the burger places on our stretch of campus, because these are IMPORTANT things to think about before coming to BU.

I work rank from worst to best:

5: Burgerfi

The buns are too oily for my tastes, and the shakes are just thicker than tar, but I’ve heard amazing things about their quinoa burgers (if you are into that vegan kind of lifestyle). Their fries are blasé and while its a nice showing to have onion rings, they don’t pass my tests. Also this costs real money. DID I MENTION THE SERVICE IS ATROCIOUS? Do not go in thinking you’ll spend any less than an hour there.

They do serve coke. 

4: Dining Hall

They are fine. I would not say that they are bad whatsoever, but I also would not call them good. The plus sides is that they are *free* with a dining plan. Toppings are limited and the buns are a bit too soft, and the patty is fair. There are rotating options of fries at all dining halls, and those fries can range from “this is not a fry whatsoever” to “oh my god i’m gonna eat 14 plates”.

They serve pepsi, not coke, ugh. 

3: Sunset Cantina

I know what you are thinking? Sunset? The nacho place!? How is this on the list? But they actually have some very good traditional burgers! One of the burgers even has guacamole on it! OMG! The fries are crisp and good, and you can get those famous nachos as an appetizer (or desert nachos for afterward!).

They serve pepsi, not coke, ugh. 

2: Rhett’s

The looks are deceiving! My entire first semester at school I assumed Rhett’s would be disgusting… wrong! Rhett’s is incredible. They have a huge selection of burgers and fries, and literally ALL of them are good. (In the morning their bagels are TOP NOTCH!) They also have super long hours, for when you need to eat on campus but other places aren’t open. Did I mention this is on campus? So yes it is dining points but it is yet again free(ish).

They serve pepsi, not coke, ugh. 

1: UBurger

OMG UBURGER! I crave UBurger, I cry when I am at Uburger and when I am not at UBurger. I live, breath, and obviously eat UBurger. They have so many options (I personally get the A+ burger which feature A1 sauce and crispy onions!) and also some sweet salads. ALSO THE SWEET POTATO FRIES ARE GAME CHANGING. They also serve coke on one of those new ~fancy~ dispenser machines with a touch screen, AND GLASS BOTTLES OF COKE. It’s too much. I love Uburger. Also, the location is prime with one by Myles and one by 1019, so they catch both ends of campus!


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