Joe: Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Listen To This

“I feel like every time I see you, you’re stressed out about something” is a real thing someone said to me today. Like, with actual words from their mouth.

But today will be different because the best time of the year is here. The ultimate party jams all mashed together it one beautiful and cohesive YouTube video. Except this year, there are two, which means double the fun.

I love Pop Danthology and all of his mash-ups, but this year has been S T E L L A R for music. I think that’s something we all can agree on. And if not, let me just remind you of the power of our Lord and savior Taylor Swift, the comeback kid himself, Justin Bieber, and the real Queen of England, Adele.

So as a tribute to the coming weekend and the last remaining weeks of the semester, turn it up with these awesome song/video mash-ups. You won’t be disappointed. And everyone will be satisfied.

Note: These are awful to study to. Do not recommend. You will just sing along the whole time and get nothing done. Trust me. But remember, good grades do not guarantee you a job. Leave room for some downtime. It’s soooooo important, I can’t stress that enough.

Until next time.

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