Stacy: The 5 Stages of Grief after Ending an Internship

So you’re interning at your dream company… and you are having an amazing time. But suddenly you get the e-mail telling you the password to your work e-mail is about to expire. You also get the e-mail from your internship coordinator in COM giving you the end of the semester paperwork to receive internship credit. How do you handle it? Through these stages:

Denial – “Wait, so I don’t actually work here?”
After working for a company or organization for a semester… you almost feel part of it. However, come finals time… you realize there is a last day… and it comes quick.
Adjusting – “Look at all the free time I have… it’s great….”
Not used to 16-20 free hours every week? How do you spend them once the internship is over? I guess there is Netflix… or you can exercise… or sleep? But who really wants to do those things?
Depression – “Oh your internship still has another week? Mine already ended…”
Watching your friends continue dressing in their business casual while you… don’t. You’ve already finished all six seasons of White Collar and re-watched The Office, so I guess you can take up a hobby? Knitting or… watching the TV station you interned for….
Anger –  “So… there will be another me next semester?”
You realize there is a new intern every semester… someone who will do the same jobs you did, sit in the same seat you did and have the same opportunities. You consider re-applying for the same internship.. but you know it’s wrong.
Acceptance – “I wonder where I’ll intern next!”
You finally understand that there is so much in your future college career to embark on, and you can take the experiences from your past internships – and use them in the future.

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