Claudia: Graduation (Friends Forever)

Senior year is filled with finishing up requirements, killing the game at your internship, going abroad to LA or DC, applying for jobs, and trying to remain calm as graduation quickly approaches. You have to perfect a few meals so you don’t starve without the dining hall and you don’t burn down your apartment. I should put out a disclaimer: I am NOT a Senior. I’m a sophomore and have another exciting two years at BU.

So then why am I freaking out about graduation? Because three of my closest friends (Matt, Kevin, and Ben) are GRADUATING.

If you had asked me at the beginning of my freshman year, I would have been shocked if you told me that some of my closest friends at BU would be two years older than me. But it’s true. So thank you WTBU, BUTV10 and COM Ambassadors for introducing me to three of my favorite people.

The beginning of this year was great. The thought of my friends “growing up” and leaving me was not a major concern. Graduation was months away. We had plenty of time to hang out, reminisce about old times in Warren (even though I was in high school when they lived there), and watch Holes. We don’t share the same A and C tower memories (either way, B Tower is where it’s at) and we aren’t the same age, but I’d like to think — since we’re very close now — we would have been friends since day one.

As the semester went on, we’d crash each other’s radio shows and spend hours in each other’s dorms (I practically lived in South last semester) watching movies and old episodes of Pop Showdown (specifically the ones with said best friends). Finals hit and then suddenly, poof, Kevin graduated and entered the real world. This has been a difficult transition (more for me than Kevin). I keep inviting Kevin to my 10 pm radio show (Pop Cultured – check it out) only to be disappointed when Kevin reminds me that he can’t because of work (at the MA Health Policy Commission) the next morning.

Ben would then jokingly (?) yell “HE’S DEAD TO US” anytime Kevin was mentioned. We would cry it out, but then listen to showtunes or talk about TV to make us feel better. Now Ben’s getting ready to enter the real world too as the law school acceptances roll in and I scream Legally Blonde references and lyrics at him.

And now Matt (AN ECON AND STATS DOUBLE MAJOR WHO IS ALSO GETTING HIS MASTERS IN ECONOMICS!!!!) is fully immersing himself into the Film and TV world as we finish producing our show (“Entidaled” coming soon) while interning at PBS and preparing for the real world.

And I just sit here (still finishing my Freshman/Sophomore requirements) in awe, so happy for these guys. They’re starting the real world and are already killing the game. And although I am a little upset that they’re “leaving me,”  I’m so excited for these last few months at BU with them and what lies ahead.

*Cue Vitamin C’s Graduation (Friends Forever)*

So long story short, I wanted to write this (super sappy) post as a thank you note of sorts, but to also remind everyone that there are so many amazing people at BU and don’t be afraid to look outside your grade for friends. You never know, some of your best friends could be rising Seniors.

And if you need any help find your own Ben, Kevin, and Matt, then I suggest watching Pop Showdown.

Here’s Ben & Kevin ( and Matt ( on Pop Showdown! for your viewing pleasure. 

Disclaimer: this might get very sappy.

Matt, Ben and Kevin,

Thanks for agreeing to be friends with “The Girl Who Didn’t Know You, but Added You on LinkedIn When You Were Abroad,” “The Showtune-Obsessed Girl Who Was Probably Too Intense at the First WTBU Meeting,” and “The Freshman Co-EP that You Tutored in Econ and Who Also Kept Bothering You While You Were Editing CO-ED.”  I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without you guys.

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