Christy: Top 5 favorite “homework shows”

I am not one to sitting in silence. When I do homework, I need to have some source of noise or I can’t get any work done. Although I love Spotify, my go-to for homework noise and entertainment is Netflix. Netflix typically occupies the upper left corner of my screen while I use the rest of academic purposes. I have become a professional at homework-Netflix multi-tasking – it’s easier than you think. Here are my top 5 favorite shows to watch on Netflix while doing homework:

1. Glee
Is there anything better than singing to choreographed dance numbers and high school? Glee is a great homework watch because it doesn’t demand all your attention contains catchy songs so you can get your fix of music in while you do homework.

2. How I Met Your Mother
Of course How I Met Your Mother would is “totally going in my blog!” It is one of my all time favorite shows. It always provides me with a laugh and is easy to turn on in the background and tune in and out of.

3. Parks and Recreation
Similar to How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec is another easy watch. The 20 minute comedy doesn’t demand all your undivided attention to pick up the gist of the episode.

4. Friends
I believe I have seen most every episode of Friends more than once, so sometimes I just start a random season and let it play through while I do some class reading

5. Baby Daddy
Thank you ABC Family for this gem. The perfectly cheesy feel-good sitcom complete with a cute baby.

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