Christy: Opportunities arise when you least expect it

Every Monday at 11 a.m., I give my weekly tour of the College of Communication. We have all experienced a rough Monday morning following a fun, but hectic, weekend packed with friends, homework and extracurriculars — this past Monday was that Monday

I woke up later than I wanted to, and walked in the pouring rain from my apartment in West Campus to COM. With the trajectory of the morning so far, I anticipated that I would have make the rainy trek to COM to find out that no one showed up to tour COM. Thankfully that was not the case and I pushed aside my Monday-morning struggles and give a tour of my favorite school.

My fellow COM Ambassador Tyler and I gave a great tour to three prospective students and their parents. At the conclusion of the tour, a mother of a prospective student approached me and asked if I had a summer internship yet. Thinking she asked to gage what kind of internships COM students interview for and are offered, I told her a few of my possible summer plans and upcoming interviews. Little did I know she was the director of communications for a large company in New York City. She handed me her card and said if I was interested, email her my resume and she would forward it directly to several contacts in the city. 

She told me she was very impressed with COM, me and the tour Tyler and I gave. I was so taken aback by her kindness and was not expecting that kind of response. Suddenly, my dreary day took a major turn for the better.  

I know that the education I receive at COM will prepare me for whatever waits for me after graduation. But, little did I know that the physical COM building would provide me with internship opportunities. 

Monday, I learned that not only do opportunities come when you least expect it, but having a positive outlook on each new aspect of your day can work wonders. If I let my rough Mondaymorning define my attitude during my tour, and potentially the rest of my day, this mother may not have given me her card.

So who knows, maybe flashing a smile to or crossing paths with the right person can open a brand new door of opportunity.

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