Zach: Fight the Zzzzzz with Zach

How to get your sleep cycle back on track when college robs it from you!

I, along with many of your COM Ambassadors, am a very busy person. Recently, I was a part of Liquid Fun’s 24 Hour Comedy Marathon which tested my limits as a tired person. It inspired me to share how I get by without my hair falling out at BU.

1: You Don’t need Netflix.

I am a TV major, I love TV. I may be coming from a different place because I talk about TV in most of my classes so I’m not lacking exposure, but I have stopped watching TV. Yes, when I get time to breathe and relax on weekends I will try to watch an episode. But I know some people who watch Netflix every night before bed, my thoughts to them are: STOP! Rachel and Ross will ALWAYS end up together no matter how many episodes you binge at 3:00AM! You have work to do! Go to bed!

2: Set a Bedtime

The latest I will ever do work (except for finals week) is 1:00AM, most nights that is 12:00AM. There is this miraculous thing called the human spirit that will allow you to get your homework done. I promise, also if you set a bedtime, you are much more likely to get it done. You’ll spend less time on Facebook and more time on your essay. Then whether or not you finish, you are in bed at a decent hour.

3: Download “SelfControl”

It’s an app that blocks distracting websites. It’s easy, it helps you get things done.

4: Take Naps

This is a harder one for me since I no longer live in Warren and can nap for 15 minutes with only a 5 minute commute, however, naps are VERY important. It is a better way to spend your time than gabbing in the GSU for five hours, no matter how tempting that can be.

5: Newbury Can Wait

You probably don’t even have enough money to be shopping on Newbury anyway. Brunch can happen with your parents. Take that time on Saturday to get some rest for the upcoming week that will probably be somehow busier than the last.


You know what to do: refer to my blog post ranking the different Starbucks locations on campus.

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