Eliza: Flying Solo: Abroad Alone

In case you haven’t heard, study abroad is kind of a big deal here at Boston University.  We love it, we won’t stop talking about it, and all the cool kids are doing it.  For a lot of people, (especially Communications people), study abroad comes around during junior year, mostly second semester, and involved taking on some other city with close friends and peers.  Going into college I always knew I wanted to study abroad, but I also assumed I would go with friends and enjoy the time with people I already new, but now I am going off into a summer and semester abroad with only a few distant acquaintances.  Last year, I made the choice to go abroad my junior fall, hoping that some other friends would do the same. In the end, it turns out that they didn’t.

This coming fall semester I will be traveling to London essentially by myself.  I’ll have friends in Geneva, and Dublin, and Florence – but will be alone in London.  Sure, I was upset at first but then I really thought about it. It will definitely be tough at first but I am so excited for the chance to explore a city and to meet new people.  It will be a totally fresh experience, almost like starting college all over again, but I will still have my incredible support system back in Boston who will be only a call or text away.  Moral of the (annoyingly personal) story is that I’ve realized it’s totally ok to strike off on my own if it means pursuing what I want, which is exactly what abroad is.

Here’s a list of good things about going abroad alone:

  1. Choosing what sights to see and when to see them:   I tend to want to see everything always, and being abroad without any close friends will give me the chance to really plan my own travel.
  2. Meeting new people:  Being abroad without people I already know will really force me to meet you new people, and could help me immerse myself in the culture there more.
  3. Adventure: It’s out there! And as much as it might be scary, being alone will add another whole level of excitement to being abroad!

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