Katie: Best Non-Committal Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

While some of us are already diving head first into our schoolwork for the semester, some may still have some free time to kill. And how do we kill that time? Netflix, of course! But starting a new binge-watch can be pretty dangerous, especially when the show is so addicting you’ll think of nothing else throughout the day. Don’t get me wrong—I love a good “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Jane the Virgin,” or “Breaking Bad” binge. However, instead of getting sucked into an hour-long dramedy, consider the following short-term options that allow for breaking away once classes and jobs get more demanding.

1.     Friends

 I’ve seen the entirety of Friends three times now (and then some), but something about this show never gets old. 

2.     Parks and Recreation

There are some episodes of Parks and Rec I watch over and over and never get sick of. I’m a firm believer in the fact that Leslie Knope is one of the best female characters ever written. And you can’t go wrong with Ron Swanson, Tom Haverford, or Andy Dwyer, either.

3.     The Office

The Office was never my first choice when I was in high school, but now it’s impossible to resist. Every character has such a distinct personality, and Michael Scott really changed the game in comedic television.

4.     New Girl

 I myself have only seen a few episodes of New Girl, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it. It’s funny, sentimental, and just quirky enough.

5.     Bob’s Burgers

Again, I’ve only seen a few episodes, but Bob’s Burgers is not one to miss. I am usually not a fan of adult cartoons (they just don’t do it for me), but this one has me laughing out loud whenever I watch.

What I love about these shows is that they are all so well done, but few require a deep understanding of plot and most can be stopped for a few weeks or months and picked up again pretty easily. Go forth and binge! 

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