Katie: Taking Chances with New Opportunities

When I was a freshman in college, I was an English major working toward a minor in musical theatre. I wanted nothing more than to stay involved in the performing arts, something that had been the cornerstone of my life since middle school. Soon, though, I realized that while I loved performing, a strict musical theatre program was not going to be what I had anticipated. I then re-did the dreaded common application, transferred to BU, and began my communication major.
Fast forward to sophomore year. What career path could I chose that would combine my love of theatre and my writing skills? Well, PR seemed like the best choice—I’d get to work in the entertainment industry while using my writing and communication skills. Most importantly, I told myself I wouldn’t think about taking a job outside of the theatre, film, TV, or general entertainment industry. I interned with a Broadway PR agency in New York City, I had an amazing time, and I thought I would never, ever want to do anything else.
Now, as a senior at BU, I’ve had the opportunity to intern at a boutique public relations agency in Downtown Boston. Instead of working in the entertainment industry, I’ve been assigned to home, design, and health clients. I work with insurance agencies and air purifiers—two subjects I would’ve never deemed interesting. However, at this internship I am getting more hands on experience than I ever have before. I am doing all of the tasks an entry-level PR practitioner would be doing, such as pitching, handling influencer relations, and working with clients directly, while I’m still a student. It’s easily one of the best experiences I’ve had while attending BU—and it’s all because I stepped outside of my entertainment comfort zone and applied to this internship on a whim. I chose PR as a way to stay involved in the arts, but now I’ve found I just love the practice of public relations itself, no matter the client.
The lesson I’ve learned from all of this? Never underestimate the chance to learn something new or to create new opportunities for yourself. Take risks and venture outside of your chosen focus—you may find yourself in a position that you love!

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