Megan: Get Fit for the Small Price of Your College Tuition

As a college student with a tiny income, I really want to do things that are free. Also as a college student, I don’t go to the gym half as much as I should, but who really has time?

BU actually has a free way to force you to go to the gym! Yep, I’m talking about PDP’s.

PDP’s are free sports and fitness classes, offered through BU’s very own Fit Rec, that are actually super fun. There are so many class options available to us as students, and we don’t have to pay a cent to take most of them. The classes are pass/fail, and to pass you just have to show up most of the time. Plus, there are often make-up classes or other sections to go to so there isn’t a big F on your transcript. That means they’re super flexible when you get sick or have a really stressful week.

I’ve taken three PDP’s:

  1. Golf: This class is seriously fun. You meet in the Track and Tennis Center past the West Dorms and hit golf balls around once a week for an hour. I learned how to successfully chip a golf ball in certain directions (and into a small basket, but I won’t brag about that), and how to drive a ball really far! A lot of grad students in Questrom were in my class so that they could golf with their future bosses one day, which I thought was hysterical.
  2. Beginners Swim: My two roommates and I took this class last semester, and twice a week we got to suit up and swim around in both of the pools in Fit Rec. Growing up I was a part of my neighborhood swim team, but I actually learned two new strokes specific to saving other people or yourself in the water through this class! I also got to jump off the diving board, which is just super fun.
  3. Beginners Ballet: The PDP I’m currently taking, and it is probably my favorite one so far. We meet for an hour and a half twice a week with the funniest ballet teacher I’ve ever had. We go from stretching and lying down on the floor to plies at the barre to leaps across the floor!

Taking Beginner PDP classes are great because you are never expected to have any prior experience with the sport. Plus there are so many different kinds of classes you can take, from sailing to boxing to nutrition to even rock wall climbing. And, if I want to I can take upper level swimming or dance classes with the experience I’ve gained.

You can take these classes either on your own or with friends and still have a fantastic time. I loved my golf class even though I didn’t know a single person in the class, but its also so much fun to swim or dance with your friends, and work together to improve!

Another interesting thing about PDP’s is that they’re all offered for different amounts of time: since my golf PDP was only once a week for an hour, I added the swimming class too and still had plenty of time to do all of my work.

I would HIGHLY recommend taking at least one PDP during your time here. Pick one that interests you and fits in your schedule, and go for it. If you don’t like it, you can always drop them (but I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have a great time). Maybe I’ll even see you in my pilates class next semester. Good luck, and exercise on!

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