Samantha: Love in the time of Polar seltzer

I’ve read so many articles this year about the La Croix craze and how a sparkling seltz is scientifically proven to better quench your thirst. La Croix, la *yawn.* For me, it’s all about bae: Polar seltzer. One of my favorite parts about moving to Boston for college has to do with this bubbly drink and family-owned brand. I’m been absolutely hooked on this bubbly brand and if you know me, you can almost always expect to see a liter peaking out from my backpack. I even got a picture with the PolarBear himself last summer. Some experts say my teeth will rot out someday, but I try to live in the moment. I love Polar seltzer to the point where over winter break in Chicago, my friends and I drove to the only store we knew that sold this nectar of the Worcester gods. (They don’t distribute Polar in the Midwest, to my great dismay). I even posted a photo of our find, and Polar sent me a seltzer care package!


I’m not loyal to any one flavor, and I enjoy trying out the varieties that make special appearances from season to season. That being said, I do have a few staples I know I can always go back to in times of need.  I’m no expert in food criticism or the like, but here are my top five flavors of seltzer, ranked from best to still amazing.  (Disclaimer: I’ve tasted the majority of the 18 classic flavors and enjoyed them all. By no means is this list exhaustive, just cut down for the sake of space. I have yet to try some of the limited-edition flavors, like Egg Nog, Mint Mojitio and other questionable varieties.)


  1. Black Cherry

Oh, Black Cherry seltzer. My trusty pal. This is the flavor that my friends buy for me when I’m down or that I “treat myself’” to on a day when I think I deserve it. Some say it tastes like NyQuil. I say, it’s top-notch. Not too sweet, not too sour. It’s the perfectly refreshing drink to wake up your taste buds.



So light. So refreshing. This flavor is such a perfect drink to accompany a summer walk or a picnic on the BU Beach. As the Boston Magazine reviewer said it best: “10 out of 10. Would definitely drink this again.” It’s also the favorite of all my friends, so I think it’s safe to say that Lime is a crowd-pleaser at best.


  1. Strawberry Champagne

Every time I pull this one out of my backpack at school or work, there’s always one raised eyebrow in the room. But hey, don’t knock it until you try it. This flavor is as interesting as it is refreshing, and whenever I have the chance to snag one at the store, I do.


  1. Pomegranate

This flavor, in my opinion, is the fruitiest of the bunch. It even beats out some of the flavors that didn’t make my list, like Grapefruit and Mandarin. I really like this one if the store is out of Black Cherry or Lime, but it’s not usually my first pick. Still yummy though!


  1. Vanilla Pear

I’ve heard some say it tastes like a candle. Others look down upon a bubbly bottle that looks like dessert. I think that albeit the weird aftertaste, this seltzer is a sweet alternative to cream soda or the like. I’m a fan. Back off, haters.

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