Zach: Losing it Over Loose Leafs

As everyone knows, I love to rank foods at BU. If you know me at all, you know the GSU is incredibly important and near and dear to my heart and stomach. So today, without further adieu… I will rank the THEMES OF LOOSE LEAFS!


Pacific Rim

NO! NO! NO! This is so gross! This is not a salad flavor! No one ever asked for MANDARIN ORANGE themed DRESSING! The ONLY good topping is BABY CORN! The teriyaki chicken and salmon are fine additions though.



Flavors of Italy

This is overall fine. It is a boring theme with boring toppings and boring flavors. The pesto chicken is a plus, but the dressings are offensively lackluster.


Middle East

This is the ugly cousin of Mediterranean week, however, given how attractive mediterranean week is, this is not that bad. I am a big fan of the pita bread that is included and the tahini dressing. The toppings are where this week falls short, but I am a forgiving man.


Southwest Week

This used to be my favorite week, but I got bored with it fast. It is a bold collection of flavors with bold toppings, but you have to be in the mood, you know? Def a fan of the avocado caesar dressing and the toppings this week. Also obv love cornbread and even more love the flank steak.


Mediterranean Week 

GRAPES. ON SALAD. LEMON. FETA. DRESSING. I. LOVE. IT. This is ONLY slightly worse because it used to have bowtie pasta but now it is grains but that’s ok. I love the shrimp and I love the chicken. Such a fan. Woohoo!


Thanks for reading see you soon!

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