Amy: Get Your Netflix Queue Ready for Finals!

That time of year is back again…it’s that sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Winter break when all hell breaks loose and for a minute there you might not be sure if you’ll ever actually make it through the next two weeks. When that happens A) Relax (or try) because it will all be over soon and yes, you and your GPA will survive, and B) Find the best no-concentration-required Netflix movies to zone out to when your brain needs a major break. Here are my top 5!

1. John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid. So good. SO good. It may just be a taped stand up show, but if you love sarcastic humor, you’ll spend the whole thing just laughing until you cry. And living in Boston, who doesn’t love a good dose of sarcasm and cynicism.

2. A Cinderella Story. yes, yes, and yes. I’ll never understand how Chad Michael Murray doesn’t recognize Hillary Duff through that tiny mask, but that’s not your problem. Another classic, and who doesn’t love a good early 2000’s fashion flashback?

3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I’m starting to think I might have a bias towards early 2000’s rom-coms, but hear me out. Who doesn’t love the scene where Kate Hudson flips out at Matthew Mcconaughey in a vegan restaurant, then runs back to the kitchen to eat a burrito and watch sports with the cooks.

4. Love Actually. I know that everyone has very polarized feelings about this movie, but love it or hate it you’ve gotta watch it. And since the story bounces between all the different characters so many times, it’s fine if you zone out through half the plotlines!

5. Leap Year. Amy Adams, an Irish country man, and her Louis Vuitton suitcase making their way through Ireland so she can propose to her boyfriend on leap day (it’s bad luck to say no).

So if you’re thinking about watching Inception right after a monster study session, put it down, and check out these options. After working hard all semester, it’s okay to take a few moments in between the final study sessions to refresh and recharge!

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