Joe: A Final Farewell

Well, this is it. After a very short three and a half years, my time at B.U. has come to an end. I’ve given you all my wisdom. Now it’s time for me to go out into the world and probably dump even more unwanted wisdom on you in the future. But for now, I’ll be stressing about finding a job and figuring out what I want to do with my life (fun fact: sometimes you graduate and still don’t know what you want to do for a living!)

COM has become a second home to me and it makes me sad to be leaving this place behind. To procrastinate my final projects and reminisce to make me cry, here’s a list of my favorite things at COM and B.U. that I’m going to miss the most.

  1. Charles River Bread Co.’s Allston Asiago

Hot damn I love this sandwich with every fiber of my being. C.R.B.C. has my heart, my soul, my brain, and my eternal gratitude for introducing this sandwich into my life. For those of you who are true fans, you’ll know that I am (was?) the pickiest eater in America. The progress that has been made here has been exponential and it feels like a whole new world is being explored.

  1. Convenience Points

They’re so convenient. Still mad that during my time at B.U., I was unable to get the fun nickname CoPo to stick. I think that’s a missed opportunity, but that’s just me. I guess I could use Apple Pay like the hipster in me says to, but it won’t be the same.

  1. The awful picture on my BU ID

I’ve hated it since that picture was taken June of 2013 at orientation. And over the years, I’ve grown to love this dumb face and everything it has to offer. Sure, I could bring it with me, but it feels less insignificant without much purpose. But not to worry, there’ll be plenty of bad pictures of me in the future. Just keep up-to-date on my Facebook tagged photos during my early through mid twenties.

  1. Free Food

The one thing that isn’t exaggerated about college is the amount of free food on campus. If I had a dollar for every free Nesquik I received while walking down Comm Ave, I’d have almost as much money as President Brown’s salary. Kidding…no one will ever have that much money. But free Domino’s pizza at events and meetings will forever be missed. RIP. (Can we pour one out for corporate pizza?)

  1. COM Undergraduate Affairs

On a serious note, my on-campus job has been a shining experience in the whirlwind that is college. I’ve learned more in that office than I have in any classroom in COM and I am forever grateful to every single person in Undergrad Affairs (formerly and forever Student Services) for taking me in and making me a part of the COM family (especially Elisabeth…sorry Bryan, she made me do it). I won’t miss filling folders and answering the phone though…

This isn’t the last you’ll hear of me. I’ll be around, my spirit echoing through the halls of COM as the ghost of COM Ambassadors past.

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