Megan: My Winter Break Movie Ratings

Winter break is an absolutely incredible time of year. College students go home to their families, eat lots of food for the holidays, sleep every day away, and catch up on all the movies they didn’t have time to see during the semester. At least, that’s what I did for an entire month. And, if you’re like me, you see the same movies over and over again. I don’t know how or why this happens, but I do know I’m certainly not upset about it. Here’s my rankings of the movies I saw over winter break, based on the number of times I saw them.

1. Rogue One. Times Seen: 5

Yes, I have seen Rogue One a grand total of 5 times in the just over a month its been out. I have no excuses for my actions other than that I love Star Wars and that this is an outstanding movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, go. If you have, go see it again. The richness of the characters is phenomenal, and its always nice to see more of my favorite galaxy.

2. La La Land. Times Seen: 4

It is going to be a very long time before I see this movie again, but I’m so happy I saw it. I honestly probably would have been fine after seeing it 3 times, but this is a movie I made everyone I know see with me. The movie is beautiful, and I’m excited to see where it goes with Oscar noms going up today.

3. Hidden Figures. Times Seen: 1

Oh can we talk about this movie?! So good. I teared up multiple times, but in a really good way because of how powerful this movie is. If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it. See this over literally any other movie on this list.

4. Manchester by the Sea. Times Seen: 1

I will never see this movie again. It deserves so many awards, and is so fantastic, but will also drain you like no other. My mom and I cried for two hours straight during this movie. Go see this movie with a box of tissues and no plans for the rest of the day, because you will be tired and sad.

5. Moana. Times Seen: 1

Can we discuss for a minute how underrated this movie is? I’ve said it to everyone I’ve talked to, but this movie came out at the wrong time. It is so good, but didn’t get the recognition it deserves. The music didn’t catch on like Frozen did (which is a travesty), and the movie has some incredible themes. Plus, its beautiful.

6. Sing! Times Seen: 1

Coming in at last place, Sing! is good only because of the ending. So many bad things happen to every character in this movie, and I was honestly upset the entire time. I kept waiting for something good to happen to someone, but instead things just kept going south.

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