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After a long week of West Burgers and Loose Leafs salads, there’s nothing better than splurging on some weekend eats. That’s why Saturday morning means one thing to me: brunch. My obsession with brunch is a fundamental part of my life. It’s about so much more than just the food; it’s about gathering with friends, traveling into the city, and enjoying a meal together. After surviving a long, hard week, there’s nothing better than treating myself to some stuffed french toast with a side of bacon. Here’s my official list of brunch recommendations for every occasion, every neighborhood, and every budget.


(174 Harvard Avenue, Allston) 

Union is the most convenient and most affordable brunch option I’ve found around BU. Located on Harvard Avenue in Allston, this is the best option for anyone who lives in West Campus. I live in 1047, and it takes me less than ten minutes to get there. My favorite part of the menu is the impressive selection of flavored iced coffees.

The Friendly Toast

(1 Kendall Square, Cambridge; 35 Stanhope Street, Back Bay)

A wonderful thing about The Friendly Toast is that they have two locations. The best perk, however, is their late night hours. The Back Bay location is open until 3 AM! Ever find yourself craving french toast in the middle of the night? Your wishes will soon be fulfilled.


(279 Newbury Street, Back Bay)

A brunch list wouldn’t be complete without at least one Newbury Street location. Cafeteria is my favorite. Located about a block away from the Hynes Convention Center T stop, this place is super easy to find. I can also say from experience that I’ve never had more than a ten minute wait at Cafeteria, so it’s a perfect option if you’re feeling spontaneous! It’s also great if you want to spend the rest of your afternoon shopping on Newbury Street.

Cafe Luna

(403 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square)

Cafe Luna is, without a doubt, my FAVORITE PLACE IN THE CITY OF BOSTON. You have to see their menu to believe it. Their dessert-like waffles take brunch to a whole new level (the strawberry and Nutella option changed my life for the better). Pro tip: make reservations! If you show up to Cafe Luna at noon on a Saturday, you’ll surely have to wait at least two hours. Plan ahead.


(1003 Beacon Street, Brookline) 

Last but not least, an honorable mention is awarded to Tatte. Tatte will always have a special place in my heart thanks to the summer I spent living in South Campus. It feels like a two-minute walk from campus, which is how I ended up eating practically every meal at this cozy spot. The best part is that they serve brunch ALL DAY Friday through Sunday. Perfect for when you’re craving brunch food but still want to sleep in until the afternoon.

My personal brunch list goes on forever. If for some reason this intricate guide does not suit your needs, feel free to reach out to me for more options! May the comforting thought of Saturday’s brunch reservations help you survive the hectic week ahead.

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