Sophia: Valentine’s Day deals for the cheap, single folk at BU

The best part of Valentine’s Day is the obnoxious (and amazing) amount of discounted food and crazy, silly events available for the young and in love.

Except this year, you can get all these amazing perks by having a healthy sense of humor and love for yourself, your friends, and free food.

Here are some super cool (and cheap) things for you and your gals to do on V-Day this year in Boston. Love yourself, ladies.

1) Want free Mexican food? Buy a burrito and then share a totally platonic kiss in Qdoba to get a second one for free. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

2) Grab a friend and head over to Faneuil Hall for some churros and chocolate. For just $10, Taza will give you and your gal pal a hot coco and churro each. LITERALLY what more could you want?!

3) MODERN LOVE! Okay, this event is already sold out so I feel bad mentioning it here, but this event is going to be BANGING. Us COM people can appreciate New York Times “Modern Love” editor Daniel Jones orchestrating a night of laughs, storytelling and love right here in Boston. Give me a sec while I geek out.

4) Explore the MFA. Yeah yeah yeah, this one is totally obvious and you might have to endure loving couples interrupting you and your gal pals’ artistic ponderings, but it’s no secret that your BU I.D. gets you a free pass into this great place. Instead of falling in love with someone else, fall in love with the amazing art and history that this beautiful museum holds.

5) Check out some old schools flicks at the Brattle movie theater in Cambridge. Couples get to choose between classics like Casablanca and the Princess Bride to enjoy on the big screen.

6) This one make me so happy, yet also reminds me of my struggles in AP U.S. History junior year of high school. It’s actually a little bit on the pricey side, but for $60 a couple can go to a live read-aloud of all of John and Abigail Adams’ letters sent to each other during their 50 years of marriage. Both Abigail and John were known for their romantic prose, so this event set in their hometown is great for both the literature and history geek in all of us. Usually events put on by the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum cost around $40 a person, so comparatively this Valentine’s day deal is a steal!

7) Salem’s Anti-Valentine Tour is always a huge hit, and it’s also where you’ll be finding me and my gal pals this Valentine’s day. Take a train outside of Boston to enjoy a spooky retelling of all the love stories of Massachusetts gone wrongs. Hear about the horrific doings of murderous husbands, scorned wives and dark, dreadful relationships. Definitely a funky twist on this loving holiday.

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