Caroline: The Best Vegan Eats in Boston

When I think Boston, I definitely don’t think “vegan-friendly city.” You have the North End, famous for cannolis and Italian food. The Seaport district known for its seafood. But don’t count Boston out. There are definitely some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Boston. Here are a few of my favorites:

Veggie Galaxy is a vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge. Almost any dish of theirs can be made vegan. It’s the perfect spot for brunch with all your friends! The caramelized banana butter that comes on the pancakes is delicious. But Veggie Galaxy isn’t just for brunch. They have amazing lunch and dinner selections as well. They have the option of two different veggie burgers (black bean and mushroom chickpea). I used to always get a burger but I recently ventured into the sandwiches and my new favorite meal there is the Vegan Club. It has tempeh bacon, smoked tofu, tomato, romaine, red onion, pesto, and vegan roasted garlic mayo. 10/10 would recommend Veggie Galaxy.


Sweetgreen, though not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, is a takeout salad bar. They are vegan-friendly and label all of their ingredients, including dressings, if they are vegan. They have seasonal menus with ingredients sourced from local farms. There are plenty of locations around Boston including Fenway and State Street. Great for a quick, healthy meal.

Clover is an experimental food lab with locations all over Boston and Cambridge. They are a vegetarian restaurant. They also get their ingredients from local farmers. My personal favorite is the chickpea fritter, their take on falafel. They import the pita from Israel, its super fluffy and delicious. I also like some of their side salads. Their recipes are constantly changing and the menus differ from location to location. They also have a number of food trucks around the city; my favorite location is at the west end of Newbury Street. An added bonus is that everything is compostable!

By Chloe is a new restaurant to Boston. The Seaport location opens on February 23rd and the Fenway location (across the street from Sweetgreen) is set to open in April. I know about By Chloe from NYC. Its an incredible vegan restaurant with delicious meals, both sit down and grab&go. I even have the owner, Chloe Coscarelli’s cookbook! The veggie burger with special sauce is soooo good and the quinoa taco salad is spicy and crunchy. I’m really looking forward to an all-vegan restaurant in Boston.

And for dessert, FoMu is the place to be. Not only do they have incredible vegan ice cream, but they also have delicious baked good. FoMu is located in Allston. All of their ice cream is coconut based. They have classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla bean, mint chunk, cookies and cream. But they also have some wild flavors like bourbon maple walnut, mango habanero, avocado, and sweet lavender.Their cones are delicious, as are the milkshakes. You can eat there for a nice treat, or take some pints home.

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  1. Thanks so much for including Veggie Galaxy in this post as one of your favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Boston. We’re proud to be on your list and hope to see you soon!
    Thanks again.

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