Lilah: Who’s Who in the Cooking Video World

I’m sure everyone has noticed the latest fad on Facebook: cooking videos. Instead of seeing Aunt Sally’s latest redecoration shenanigans, your feed is flooded with videos of comfort food being made in under a minute!

Well, I’m here to guide you in the right direction. As an obsessed viewer, I’ll tell you who has the best videos out there.

Delish posts the unhealthiest recipes, because they all include about 2 pounds of butter, cheese, or sugar. They’re fun to watch, but they can be a bit overwhelming. Delish posts a lot of food articles, so you’ll have to sift through to find the videos.

Cooking Panda does a satisfactory job, but again, the recipes are extremely unhealthy. Good to drool over, but pay attention to the ingredients!

They just caught onto this new fad, and they’re doing pretty well! If you’re feeling classy, head on over! They feature Food Network’s actual chefs, so it’s a bite size version if you don’t have cable.

The original popular one on the block.

Tasty has sites that represent many different cuisines, such as Japan, Brazil, France, England, and Germany. I find that they are pretty accurate, but many of them do not update often enough to satisfy my visual cravings! Within all the Tastys, the original is the best.

All in all, the only benefit to Tasty is the deep-rooted bond that some may have, but we must move onto the future!

Finally, the Queen of cooking videos. Tastemade gives a wide variety of cuisines, and they are all unique and faithful to the countries. In my opinion, their videos have better cinematic quality than any other site. Personally, I believe Tastemade Japan is the true winner. Aesthetically pleasing, out-of-the-ordinary recipes right at your fingertips. In second place,

Sweeten is one of Tastemade’s other sites, and if you have a sweet tooth like me, you should check it out. It’s all super sugary dessert recipes (watching pastries being made is the BEST).

I recommend that you try making the recipes! If not, just sit in class and watch them until your stomach growls.

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