Hali: Why Theater is a COM Student’s Craft

This past weekend was one of the most hectic and exciting of my semester. Not only did COM Opening House take place on Saturday, April 8th (woo!), but BU On Broadway, my favorite extracurricular, performed Legally Blonde: The Musical.

I’m writing this post because being a part of this show has been one of my favorite experiences I’ve had at BU. We sold out multiple performances, which is a big deal in a 500-seat theater! Several other COM Ambassadors were also involved, both onstage and behind the scenes.

To those who know me, it’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with BU On Broadway. My experiences performing, producing, and serving as treasurer have been some of the most valuable ones I’ve had in my time at BU. On Broadway even helped me decide to minor in arts leadership and hopefully apply my public relations education to the arts world one day. I can’t wait to serve as President next year!

At COM Open House, each CA had to share their favorite extracurricular. As I hinted before, an overwhelming number of us are involved with On Broadway. This weekend, I’ve tried to figure out why so many COM students are drawn to performing arts extracurriculars. Performing in Legally Blonde helped me figure out an answer. COM students are drawn to theatre because it is the ultimate form of collaboration. A show can’t happen without actors working together, without a creative team coming up with a clear vision, or without techies working diligently behind the scenes. In any given show, countless people are taking their unique skills to make a beautiful production come to life. It’s the same type of collaboration that occurs when a group of students work together to make a film, when students brainstorm campaigns for AdLab clients, and so on.  When a show finally comes together, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. This feeling wouldn’t be achievable without the hard work of the entire cast, crew, and creative team.

At COM, we love to tell stories. That’s exactly what we do in theatre. The skills that I’ve gained from working in theatre have helped me tremendously in the classroom, and I’m certain they will help me even more in my career.

Oh, and if you missed Legally Blonde this weekend, be sure to catch BU On Broadway’s Godspell in the Student Theater April 27-29!

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