Josee: How to Endure Study Time

We’ve all done it before. With a quick glance at the homework ahead of us, it’s pretty easy to shrug it off and say: “Nah, I’ll be fine.”

Transitioning into a college environment can be tricky for those new to the rigorous academic expectations that come along with a BU education. Studying can be boring, dry, and somewhat monotonous. So that’s why I thought I’d share a few ways to make your pursuit of higher knowledge a little less painful.

1. Grab a treat to fuel your working mind. Whether it’s a drink at starbucks, warm mac from Cheesology, or a few cookies stolen from the dining hall, having something to munch on can keep the monotony at bay.

2. Make a “rad” playlist. It’s up to you. Whether it’s classical standards or the hottest mixtape, when you’re listening to music you curated yourself, it can keep your mind from wandering as you finish up your statistics problem sets.

3. Pick somewhere new. Boston is full of really awesome spots to just plop down in study. The great room in the Boston Public Library is a great place to read your latest writing assignment while getting some aesthetically pleasing insta posts. Or, head to a new coffeeshop across town for a cuppa coffee and a place to finish your screenplay. A new environment can really motivate you to keep on keeping on.


4. Study with friends. While there’s definitely undeniable amounts of goofing off, having friends around to explain certain concepts or quiz you can really make the difference between knowing the material and really knowing the material. Grab some snacks, pull up some chairs, and suffer through it all together.

5. Use the resources here on campus. Whether it’s peer tutoring at the Educational Resource Center or your TA’s office hours, having an extra hand to understand the material can be really helpful when you just need a boost. People want you to succeed and are willing to make sure you’re where you want to be.

The term “studying” may not sound too exciting, but it becomes a requirement when you’re here. Nothing’s more satisfying than feeling like you walked out of a test and kicked it’s butt. Find what works for you and reap the benefits. Peace out.

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