Christy: A Tip for College Open Houses

This past weekend was the last time I would be representing the College of Communication during Boston University’s Open House. For the past three years, I have been a part of making sure prospective students and parents are given a feel for how wonderful the university is and how much my fellow COM students and I love (and thrive in) COM.

Although I applied Early Decision, I attended my BU open house anyway. Four years later, I still vividly remember my open house experience, and can not emphasize enough how important taking advantage of open houses is. I was lucky and already fell in love with BU and committed to it once I was accepted in December (Friday, December 13th… to be exact). For me, coming to open house solidified my love for the city of Boston, the university and the College of Communication. I KNEW after open house that I made the right choice for me, and I couldn’t wait to get started in the fall.

But, I know this isn’t always the case. Speaking with students as a COM Ambassador reminded me that everyone does not have that “love at first sight” feeling with a school. For some students, open house is the first time they are able to get a feel for the university, and the impression they get on campus is what is going to last and ultimately help them make the decision as to where they will be spending the next for year of their life. I love being a COM Ambassador for exactly that reason — I get to assist in that decision-making process in any way I can. I know BU was the right choice for me, and couldn’t love a school more. So, I want to share my love with perspective students and families in hopes they feel the same way, and I want to be myself as a reflection of the school.

As a prospective student, I know it can be scary. While I was touring schools, I kept one major thought in the back of my mind. Here is a little tip from me to you on how to make the most of your open house experiences while making your college decision:

Ask yourself if you could see yourself being friends with the university’s students.

Does your tour guide seem to be someone who you think you could hit it off with? Did you see a group of students in Starbucks talking about a television show you love? Simple observations like that make all the difference. While I was looking at schools, my mom told me if I could see myself being friends with the students I see on campus that it’s a good sign. There is no better time than open house to experience students in their natural habitat!

Ultimately, the students you encounter give you a general idea of the students you will be spending four years with. So regardless if you love the university’s program or if you love the feel of the campus, your fellow students are also a really important part of your college experience, especially in COM. Your fellow COM students will become your extended family. You will see them around campus, in your extra curriculars, and in classes, and have to work with them on projects inside and outside the classroom. And one day, these students will be the people you enter the professional field with.

So, take a good look now while you have the opportunity at open houses. And who knows, these friendships could last a lifetime. That’s what everyone says, don’t they?

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The COM Ambassador program is available to current and prospective COM freshmen. We are here to answer questions and help you learn all the great things that BU, COM and Boston have to offer. Be bold. Be creative. Be COM. @BU

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