Zach: Ranking the Bagels of BU

HELLO I AM BACK and it is time for another BU Food Ranking… today I will be ranking the BAGEL options near campus. Now, I will admit, this is a little biased, I only ever order the same thing. I am a little old jewish man so therefore my order is a lox bagel sandwich on an everything bagel. I sometimes will go for a whole wheat everything if I am feeling healthy. So… here goes my thoughts…

6: Starbucks

These are not bagels. They are cardboard. I won’t even waste my words here.

5: Einsteins in CAS:

What a NIGHTMARE. The line is always such a disaster. The bagels are SOGGY because they were FROZEN. I know they are not FRESH. It is a disgrace and I am disappointed that BU thinks of this as a legitimate bagel option. They get points for location however.

4: Rhett’s in the GSU

Now I will admit, this has a low ranking because it does NOT have a Lox bagel sandwich… so @BUDiningServices… get on that. However, their bagels are delicious and the chipotle chicken sandwich is always a lovely lovely option. Again… points for location.

3: Bruegger’s Bagels

I really do love Bruegger’s bagels, and I have a lot of nostalgia for when I lived in Myles and would go there most mornings. They get points for putting capers on the bagel sandwiches, for having truly HOT bagels that have just been pulled out of boiling water. Also… the bagels here are not too expensive. So really great points here. Locations are okay, they have a location in Kenmore and one in Coolidge. This really would be higher on my list but for some reasons the bagels don’t have a WOW factor.

2: Kupel’s Bagels

Okay I know they are far away from campus, but holy wow these are good bagels. Yes they are more expensive, but they even have a distinction between NOVA LOX and SMOKED SALMON. I mean they are really getting into my old jewish nitty gritty here. Their bagels are stellar and they only lose points for price and distance and the LINE on weekends.

1: Pavement

So this is a basic top choice… I know… but they are so. good. I really truly love Pavement bagels. They are always consistent and never disappoint. They lose points for the line, the fact that you see people you know every time you go there and I don’t have time for that with cream cheese on my face. Also… all the employees look like they are in an SNL sketch about hipsters. Their delicious bagels make these oddities worth it though.


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