Samantha: Little known but super fun places to take visiting friends and family

When family and friends come to visit, it’s easy to do some of the same, class “Boston” things over and over again. As a senior, my friends and family are pretty sick of the usual North End dinner, stroll through the Common and Newbury Street shopping spree. After four years of the same things, I’d be tired too! 

Now that I’m a “seasoned” Boston resident (or so I like to think), I’ve compiled a list of four new go-tos for when I have loved ones in town. (That aren’t walking on the esplanade!)

  1. Harbor views from the backside of the Institute of Contemporary Art

 For a beautiful view of the harbor, head to the ICA in the Seaport district! I like to grab coffee or snacks from the nearby Sorelle bakery and sit on the big, wooden steps that slope down from the back of the museum. Not only is it a pretty view, but the museum’s architecture makes for a great place to relax and catch up.

  1. Walk from BU to Central Square and back

The quickest way to Cambridge (aside from driving) is actually walking across the BU Bridge and into Central Square! Not only is the destination a great place to explore (and eat Toscanini’s ice cream), but the walk showcases some of Cambridge’s gorgeous, older homes and even some really interesting street art. 

  1. Night out in the South End

Make a reservation at one of the South End’s chic dinner spots for a nice, slow meal (I recommend Myers + Chang) and end the night with live jazz at the Beehive. It’s a “speakeasy” style bar and restaurant that features live music every single night!

  1. Small theater movie night

There’s something about a smaller, old-fashioned movie theater that can turn a rainy day into a fun one. Try snagging tickets at the Brattle Theater or Coolidge Corner Theatre, both of which show new movies, throwback films and limited release flicks.

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