Alex: 5 Fashion Essentials for All COM Majors

Alright, let’s get right down to it: if you’re reading this, you’re probably a COM student. But are you really a COM student if you don’t dress the part? Whether you’re an FTV, JO, or any of the MC majors, on thing you’ve gotta nail down in your time at BU is the quintessential COM look. Now, I know what you’re thinking–“But Alex! What is the COM look? How can I be as trendy and fashionable as you and the rest of the CAs?” While it takes years to perfect, you can start off by following these five tips:
1. Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket
Now some of you might be wondering, why start with a jacket? And to that I say, don’t question me. The denim jacket is a staple of COM fashion. It truly ties any ensemble together. Headed to a COM 101 lecture? Denim jacket. It’ll help you blend into the crowd and keep your feeble hopes of not getting called on alive. Spending a night out with friends? Denim jacket. You’ll stay warm and fashionable, letting everyone around you know that you’re “not like other guys/girls/people”. Late for an appointment with undergraduate advising? Denim jacket. It won’t get you there on time, but it might score you a compliment from your advisor. All in all, this jacket is the number one COM essential in my opinion; it’s the best way to broadcast to the world that you wish the 90s never ended and you don’t care who knows it. Bonus points if you’ve got a WTBU button on it.
2. Graphic Tee Shirt
Graphic TeeHere’s where you can really let your style run wild. Have a little fun expressing your personality and showing how unique you are by wearing the same Pulp Fiction shirt as every other film bro in COM! A good place to pick these kinds of shirts up is in the boys’ section at Target or the dad section at Goodwill. The best part about these graphic tees is they help you make friends. The more obscure your reference, the more likely you are to have an instant connection! And if your reference is too obscure, I guarantee that at least five people will come up to you pretending they know what it is, so it’s always a win-win. Bonus points if the shirt is ironic. Double bonus points if it references you in a familial role you clearly do not occupy (i.e., “World’s Coolest Grandpa”).
3. Cuffed Pants
Cuffed Pants
Everyone in COM has somewhere to be; we’re all get-stuff-done type of people. And nothing says get stuff done like cuffed pants. Whether they’re long or short, slacks or jeans, high-waisted or cargo, the pants must be cuffed. We can’t risk having our day stopped by anything coming even close to catching on our feet. I know if I trip and fall during the day I feel like going home and eating ice cream and praying everyone who saw me trip all get collective amnesia before I have to see them again. So why even risk it by going no-cuff. But beyond that, COM kids all share a collective sense of what’s fashionable and what’s not. Cuffed pants are in. Victorian era men would scoff and women would faint. Everybody wants to see your ankles. Why not go ahead and give the people what they want? Bonus points if they’re patterned. Double bonus if it’s a ridiculous pattern but you somehow manage to pull it off.
4. Docs
There seems to be a bit of contention over this fashion point in the COMmunity. “What about Converse? Vans? Any other shoe that looks even remotely like the ones Tyler put out with Flower Boy?” And while I recognize and validate these arguments, I simply cannot bring myself to confirm them, and here’s why: while you might see a myriad of these kinds of shoes shuffling through COM halls on any given summer, spring, or even fall day, as soon as first snow hits, they’re as good as gone. And nothing replaces them in such great number as the Doc Martens that seem to materialize on everyone’s feet come December. It almost feels like BU hands them out during orientation. There’s just something about the weight of the shoes, the thickness of the soles that says, “You’ve got this!” even in the soul crushing, sunless, winter days. Bonus points if you’ve got the flowery ones.
5. Tattoo/Piercing
While there are a lot of things that scream COM, nothing screams COM quite like pain. Every COM major has seen some pain; what other reason would we have to be driven to these thankless majors (except for PR kids, they for sure have everything figured out)? Tattoos and piercings are the perfect combination of pain and pride in said pain that makes COM what it is. These monuments to self mutilation show that COM kids have the dedication, drive, and possibly, lack of forethought, to not only be exposed to and repeatedly jabbed with (a) needle(s) for  hours at a time, but also that they’re willing to pay someone to do the jabbing. Whether it’s a small image always hidden by a shirtsleeve/pant leg or a face full of metal, tattoos and piercings show that COM kids are always willing to fo the extra mile to stay fashion forward. Points if the tattoo/piercing is COM related. Double points if your friend did the tattooing/piercing for you.

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