Remy: 6 Lessons on How to be Successful in COM as Told by ‘Friends’ Characters

COM is about developing communication skills, learning by doing and discovering career paths. Like the pitch of the hit sitcom Friends, “It’s about a time in your life when everything is possible, which is really exciting and really scary.” It’s about searching for your passions. And it’s about building relationships, because when you’re trying to succeed, everyone can benefit from mentors, and of course, friends.

  • Rachel- Build your confidence. Rachel works hard to become a successful businesswoman. Her character proves that confidence does not always start from within; sometimes, you need a boost from your friends.

In COM, it’s overwhelming to be thrown into an environment where everyone seems confident about what they are doing. Rather than letting this intimidate you, remember that your confidence can be shaped by those around you. Find role models, ask questions, introduce yourself to professors – confidence comes with time!

  • Ross- Find what you’re passionate about (and be proud of it)! Few characters cared at all about paleontology, but Ross did not let this prevent him from pursuing his passion. His intelligence and genuinity made him a respectable, lovable guy.

“What are you passionate about?” can be a scary question. It is okay to not have an answer right now! Whether it’s Mass Communication, Film and TV, Advertising and Marketing, or Public Relations- try it out and find what you love. Passionate energy is contagious in COM.

  • Monica- Proactivity pays off. Monica’s obsessive cleaning and organization provided laughs throughout all 236 episodes of the series. More importantly, her independence and competitive edge allowed her to persevere as a chef, and eventually open her own restaurant.

COM is not just about the courses. Take advantage of the resources available to you…AdLab, PRLab, WTBU, BUTV10, BU News Service, or Hothouse Productions. Meet with faculty advisors and COM career services. Attend workshops and events. All of these people and opportunities are here to help you succeed.

  • Chandler- Don’t take yourself too seriously. Chandler’s wit and sarcasm were unparalleled. Ultimately, Chandler’s ability to laugh at himself allowed him to find success in his personal life and career.

The late nights editing your film project, creating a PR plan, or writing a slogan for an ad project can be stressful. However, remember not to take yourself too seriously! Every project and course is a learning experience, no one expects you to be perfect.

  • Joey- Have fun. Joey was constantly searching for work as a struggling actor. Despite this, he always had a smile on his face. His warm hearted personality and positivity made him an amazing worker and friend.

Yes, COM requires hard work, but it also has its own specific school spirit that makes getting involved exciting. Check the calendar and weekly COM emails because there is always events going on, such as movie screenings, open houses, employer events, friends and family weekends, the list goes on.

  • Phoebe- Be yourself! Phoebe is remembered for her quirkiness and eccentric personality. Her original song “Smelly Cat” and below-average guitar playing was a staple of show. Phoebe was an irreplaceable character because she was unapologetically herself.

COM welcomes and encourages individuality. The reason COM has such a vibrant, stand-out community, is because each student and faculty member brings something unique to the group. All you have to do is be yourself!

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