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With Thanksgiving break a month away and midterms happening in every class, this time of year is ALWAYS incredibly stressful. It’s constantly GO GO GO, and because of that, it’s easy to forget to stop and give yourself a moment to breathe. 

That’s why I wanted to take a second to remind all of you beautiful people to practice self-care! I know it can feel like a waste of time when you have so much going on, but it’s BECAUSE you have so much going on that it’s even more important to set aside some time for yourself to recharge!

The advice I’m going to give you might seem like common sense, but these are things I constantly see my friends (also myself) forgetting to do when we get busy. Taking time to do the following will give yourself the strength to get through this stressful time of year and stay healthy!


Remembering to drink enough water is difficult enough already, but when you are pulling all nighters to study, and drinking coffee to keep yourself awake, drinking water becomes even more essential. Caffeine might help us get through writing the last page of that essay, but it’ll also dehydrate you fast, so make sure you switch out that coffee mug for a cup of water every few hours!


I know that I’m guilty of skipping breakfast to rush to lecture or grabbing a snack instead of a full meal for dinner when I need to study for an exam. That being said, let yourself take the time to eat. It’s not a waste. Your body needs the nutrients and energy to keep yourself going under pressure! Food is fuel and don’t you forget it!


When you’re stressed out and have an intense workload, it can be easy to hole up in your room and read for hours on end. However, when you find yourself losing focus, grab a light jacket and head outside! Taking a quick walk (even just 15 minutes) can help clear your head and get your back in the right mindset to continue grinding for that exam you have the next day!


Don’t be afraid to lean on those around you for support! It can be a really nice break to talk to someone and get your mind off of your stressors for a little while. Meet up with a friend, or call someone from back home! I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better afterwards!

Those were just a few reminders to look after yourself! They’re simple self care skills, but important nonetheless. College is not supposed to be easy. There are times that are going to be super fun, but also times that will be insanely stressful too, and that’s okay! Just make sure you are taking care of yourself during those stressful times and know that it’s okay (and necessary) to take a break every once in awhile. Wishing you the best of luck for the rest of the semester!

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