Anika: BU-Specific Life Hacks to Stay Happy & Healthy


It’s getting to be that time of year – the depths of winter are approaching, and we’ve found ourselves setting new goals as the new year and semester begin again. Here’s a list of tips and tricks I discovered in my first semester at BU that can help us all stay happy and healthy!

  1. Take PDPs at FitRec! 

The summer before classes began, I was shocked to learn that I could pay the same amount of tuition and take not one, but two more classes – and for academic credit! I took Vinyasa Yoga and Basic Conditioning, which were on alternating days and got me to the gym four out of seven days of the week. These classes are also a great way to make friends!

  1. Go for walks by yourself

What I love most about BU’s campus, or lack thereof, is the fact that it is a straight line. Some of my most relaxing moments last semester came when I was walking by myself along the long stretch of cars, buildings and trees that is Comm Ave. If you ever need to get some steps in or just clear your head, I highly recommend choosing to walk rather than taking the T or bus!

  1. Pet the therapy dogs at Hillel (rather than Mugar) during Finals Week

I, unfortunately, missed my opportunity to pet some much-needed therapy dogs last semester. The Mugar slots filled up almost immediately, and while I did sign up for about seven waitlists (I really, really wanted to pet some dogs), it was to no avail. I had friends that went to the session at Hillel though, and it looked amazing. Hillel is much less crowded and you don’t have to reserve a time, just pop in! Also, the location on Bay State Road is convenient if you live in East campus or want to go right after class.

  1. Change up your study spots!

You seem to be in the perfect study spot, but you’ve been staring at the same sentence for the past thirty minutes…you’d be surprised how much a simple change of scenery can help! Throughout my first semester, I never really had one single spot where I would go to study. But I did develop favorites for different kinds of studying — for example, Questrom Starbucks for quicker assignments, Mugar for intense research papers, and of course dorm sweet dorm if I was cramming something last minute. 

  1. Take advantage of free mindfulness practice!

Although they are not advertised nearly enough, there are a number of ways to get access to guided mindfulness practice through BU! Every Friday from 10-11am, Professor Brenda Phillips leads a meditation class at Robinson Chapel. Additionally, BU has recently given all students free access to the popular guided meditation app, Headspace! Last but not least, you can always add on a meditation PDP to your schedule!

Hopefully you find these tips useful for navigating your way through college life! And remember, your wellbeing always comes first.

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